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   Global Biopharmaceutical Company Medytox has successfully developed the fourth Botulinum toxin Biopharmaceutical in the world. We are exporting the products to over 50 countries, including Japan, Thailand, India and Brazil. We are also set to become global leader in the botulinum toxin pharmaceutical market after entering the North America and EU.

Frontier of Korean Biopharmaceutical Industry Medytox is the forefront of Korean industry, thanks to our excellent R&D Capabilities based on our top-tier biotechnologists, and to our state-of-the-art operations and production facility. Moreover, we are going to be a pioneer in the field of biotechnology due to our passion and courage to embrace global challenges.

Value Creation for Healthy & Happy Life Medytox is pursuing the goal of enriching human lives with value, to bolster healthy and happy lives. We will do everything in our power to attain our goal as a global leader in the field of biotechnology based on our expensive experience and excellent capabilities. Through our global leadership, an increased value of human life and people's happiness and good health can be expected.

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Which area do your patients most want to be treated with Neuronox?
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