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"Biotechnology-Pride as a technology leader" Medytox's Microbial Toxin R&D Center was established in 2001. It specializes in various biotechnology areas, including the development of botulinum toxin products, and is leading the biotech industry by fostering competent researchers and developing advanced technologies.

R&D Strategy

R&D Facility

Medytox boasts of a world-class R&D and manufacturing facility. Medytox's first plant (Ochang Science Industry Complex), which was constructed in 2003, obtained KGMP certification in 2004 and serves as the company's biotechnology infranstructure.

Moreover, in preparation for our entry into advanced markets such as the U.S. and Europe (EU GMP/cGMP), we are preparing to establish our second plant (Osong Life Sceence Complex) as part of our efforts to expand our infrastructure as a global biotech company.

Ochang R&D Center Medytox's first plant Acquired KGMP approval in 2004 Medytox's first plant, located inside Ochang Science Industry Complex, acquired KGMP approval in 2004, has a 4,851㎡ area, and serves as the manufacturing infrastructure for Medytox's competitive products. Osong cGMP Plant Medytox's second plant Currently being developed Medytox's loped in compliance with the EU GMP/cGMP guidelines The construction of an new plant in Osong will play a leading role in developing the next generation product of Neuronox® targeting the global market. It will be located in Osong Life Science Complex on a 17,820m2 site, in compliance with the EC GMP/cGMP guidelines. It will be completed in 2013 and the new plant let us have an infinite growth potential.

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