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Glabellar frown lines
Product Information

Neuronox® is being sold worldwide under different brand names as Siax®, Botulift®, Cunox® and Meditoxin®. Neuronox®, launched in 2005, is the botulinum toxin product which is 4th commercialized in globally. Approximately a million Neuronox® units have been administered globally since 2005.1

Glabellar linesCerebral PalsyBlepharospasm

Neuronox® is indicated for improvement the look of moderate-to-severe frown lines between the brows. (KFDA approve, 2011)


1. In house data, Medytox Inc.

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Which area do your patients most want to be treated with Neuronox?
a. Glabellar lines
b. Crow’s feet
c. Forehead lines
d. Masseter
e. Calf
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